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Group 2-33
Project Title Partially Examining the Being-In-Itself
Synopsis Philosophy plays an important role in refining the way we view the world.
This is especially relevant in today's society where information is in abundance, and
there is a need to process this information critically and flexibly.

However, current philosophical works are long, archaic, and abstract.

Hence, we were inspired to create a product that is short, updated, and relatable.

Our product consists of 2 short stories that touch on Existentialism and Obejectivism
and our aim is to offer a platform for the discovery of personal ethical questions and
individual decision making; to demonstrate the applications of
various schools of philosophical thought in an accessible manner;
and to illustrate the concepts and skills that undergird philosophical thinking
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Team Members
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Group Leader:
SEAN WOON YUKAI          4H1
Group Member/s:
CHONG KOI JUN          4I1
ZHOU YIBO          4I1