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Project Title Kill to Live: a Comparative Study of the Portrayal of Violence through Tokyo Ghoul
Synopsis Violence in anime has often been stigmatised as cheap, sensational and incapable of discussing complex ideas. By using Joseph Carroll’s The Extremes of Conflict in Liferature: Violence, Homicide and War (2012) and Violence in Literature: An Evolutionary Perspective (2014), as well as Julia Kristeva’s Powers of Horror: An Essay on Abjection, this paper examines the cinematographic portrayal of violence through popular Japanese Anime series Tokyo Ghoul with reference to Yale Film Studies (2002). As various characters seek to find and express their identities, as a human whose socialisation and enculturation prescribe a life of compassion and non-aggression, or a ghoul whose community demands a predatory-prey worldview, violence is employed as a form of struggle for survival of the self and resistance of circumstances at large. This paper pioneers an unprecedented psychoanalytic model for anime literature commonly perceived to be filled with violence, and ascribes academic rigour to the genre.
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