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Project Title An analysis into the impacts the sharing economy has had on the Singaporean taxi industry, using companies
"Uber" and "Grab as case studies.
Synopsis As Singapore grows in population size, there is an increasingly urgent need to ensure that its
transportation system is able to accommodate its population efficiently. As it strives to find a
balance between its small land space and ease of travel, Singapore has implemented several
measures to tackle car ownership, as well as improve on the existing public transportation
system. However, the shortcomings of the public transportation system – in particular the taxi
industry – have resulted in immense dissatisfaction among the public (Public Transport
Council, 2017]. This changed with the advent of the sharing economy, where applications such
as Uber and Grab are shaking up the industry by offering convenient booking options and
cheaper fees. This paper seeks to document and analyse the long term and short term impacts
of Uber and Grab on Singapore’s taxi industry and commuters.
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