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Project Title A Critical Analysis of the Demonization of Perfectionism in Psychological Thrillers

This research paper analyzes three films:

Whiplash, Black Swan and The Prestige,

three critically-acclaimed and popular

psychological thrillers through a critical

lens to identify and examine plot

directives as well as filming techniques

used to demonize the idea of

perfectionism in the genre. This paper

is split into 3 major points of analysis: the

demonization of the changes in the

protagonist(s) interpersonal

relationships, of the sacrifices made

by the protagonist(s) to achieve perfection

as well as perfectionism as aMacGuffin.

From its analysis, this paper concludes

that perfectionism is indeed demonized,

at least in these three films in this genre

and may very well be a theme for other

films in the genre. Therefore it suggests

that viewers of the genre consciously take

note of this and do not be driven to

completely avoid implementing degrees

ofperfectionism in their lives.

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