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Group 2-15
Project Title

An Analysis of the Portrayal of Women in Korean & Hollywood Films:
Max Mad: Fury Road(2015) & Assassination(2015)

Synopsis "These woman aren't soft enough. These
women aren't feminine enough." This a
quote by feminist author Susan Faludi.
The problem of women facing social
problems in conforming to the
norm of a feminine woman
, one that does the housework,
one that is gentle and subservient,
one that depends on her male
counterpart. This is not only
happening in one country but the entire
world. Hence, in this project I am to analyse
the portrayal of women in
two contemporary action films,
a Korean and a Hollywood film, revealing
their chracteristics, the power relations
between the male and female protagonist
and finally discovering the reflections of the
films to society in the view of women.
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