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Project Title Film Analysis: The Evolution of Superheroes and Villains over time
Synopsis Ever since their establishment, superhero films have clearly made their mark in the film industry.
Being one of the most developed and commercially rewarding genres, their rise in prominence
has left a great impact on the film industry and continues to leave everlasting impressions on moviegoers.
Much research has already been done on the characterisation and themes in the films through the
analysis of relationships between various superheroes and villains. However, a potentially under-analysed
aspect would be the shift in culture and portrayal of these characters to reflect the evolution of society and
its ideals over time. This paper aims to analyse 2 main issues. The first being society’s perceptions and
opinions of superheroes and villains and how they have transposed over time, as well as how they act as a
reflection of the change in society’s ideals across different time periods.
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