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Group 2-07
Project Title The Analysis Of Lyrics In Eminem's Raps
Synopsis We have done a Language Arts Project on gangster rap. Gangster rap is often viewed negatively since many people see it as a means to glorify and promote vices.However, we like to promote our view that gangster rap is a reflection of the reality in poverty-stricken areas. Thus,we analysed a popular hip-hop artists(Eminem). We compared the music he created to his experiences. We also discussed the various styles he adopts, and identified the literary devices which he utilise.Finally, we emulated him through the writing and performing of a rap song as our final product. We also created a website dedicated for students to learn literary devices.We conducted a survey to find out whether students liked learning literary devices through the analysis of Eminem¡¯s raps on our website.The response was largely positive, with approximately 80% of the participants finding the experience enjoyable. Hence, we believe our project will be effective in helping students learn literary devices through a fun and interesting manner.
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WANG YIZUO        3A3
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GAN SHANGKE        3A3
SOO YU XUAN        3A3
ONG SEE HAI        3B1