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Group 2-01
Project Title A Study on Comics
Synopsis Students these days do not seem to appreciate and comprehend the in-depth literary value of comics and only read it for leisure purposes, as seen from a survey we conducted. This project aims to educate students on the literary characteristics of comics such as literary devices and realism, by giving renowned examples from various genres and annotating them. Besides the use of present examples, we have also conducted an interview with a renowned comic writer with reputable expertise to share an expertís view on the world of comics, giving our magazine readers a better insight on what comics are. Our final product is crafted in such a way that it is easy for the reader to digest the ideas, with the use of simplistic timelines to tell a story and a comprehensive content page to navigate the magazine with ease (140 words) here
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NEO BO XIANG, BRYAN††††††††† 2A2
YANG YUQING††††††††† 2A2