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Project Title Quercetin and Anthocyanin As Potential Sunscreen Agents for Hair Photoprotection

Current research on ultraviolet (UV) protection is often focussed on human skin and
Photoprotection of human hair is often neglected because hair is non-living and
carcinogenesis of the hair shaft due to UV radiation is not possible. However, human hair
is just as vulnerable to damage by UV radiation, and hair photoprotection is important
because hair loss resulting from hair damage leaves the skin vulnerable to carcinogenesis,
hair damages due to UV radiation can cause aesthetic imperfections in hair, which is of
great social significance. The purpose of this research is to investigate the
photoprotective capabilities of two flavonoids, quercetin and anthocyanin, and the
application of these photoprotective capabilities to human hair. The UVB-absorbances,
sun protection factors (SPF) and radical scavenging activities (RSA) of the two
flavonoids were determined using the DPPH antioxidant assay. The colony count test
was performed and E. coli was exposed to UV radiation with and without quercetin or
anthocyanin, and comparison of the numbers of colony-forming units on plates without
anthocyanin or quercetin, with plates with anthocyanin and quercetin, allowed for a
gauge of the photoprotective capabilities of the two flavonoids. As further work, the
tensile strength of the hair samples is to be determined using a universal testing machine
(UTM) before and after UV irradiation. Both flavonoids had high UVB-absorbances, SPF
and RSAs, but that of quercetin was much higher. Both flavonoids protected E. coli from
UV radiation but no comparison between the photoprotective capabilities of the two
flavonoids could be made.

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