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Project Title Comparative study of biosorption of malachite green with activated carbon from tropical fruit waste
Synopsis Malachite green is one such toxic industrial dye that may be discharged into water bodies and it has been found to have the potential to bring about a host of detrimental consequences to organisms. Furthermore, it has also been known to accumulate in marine organisms and when ingested, this may severely damage human health. Current methods of removal include chemical oxidation, which is expensive thus this study aims to explore cheaper methods of removal of malachite green using activated carbon from food waste as adsorbents. Through the use of simple, straightforward, low-cost and environmentally friendly procedure, chemically activated carbons using zinc chloride and potassium hydroxide were successfully synthesised from jackfruit peels. The adsorption capacity of these compounds in various concentrations of malachite green solution were investigated in comparison with commercial activated carbon. In addition, iodine number was determined to quantitatively measure the porosity of the activated carbons. For a more in-depth investigation, kinetics and isotherm studies were also conducted to probe further into the adsorption process. The results show that while potassium hydroxide activated carbon is much less effective than the commercial one, zinc chloride activated carbon appears to be highly comparable to commercial activated carbon in terms of adsorption capacity and iodine number. Hence, the findings of this research strongly suggest that zinc chloride activated carbon holds great promise to provide a novel, cost-efficient and eco-friendly adsorbent to remove malachite green from water.
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