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Project Title Coal Fly Ash Poly(vinyl alcohol) Foams for the Removal of Heavy Metal Ions and Dyes
from Water

The focus of this project is on the use of grey coal fly ash (class F) immobilised in poly
(vinyl alcohol) foam for the removal of Fe3+ and Pb2+ ions and methylene blue dye
from water. This project aims to investigate the relationship between the concentration of
fly ash in the PVA foam and how effectively the fly ash can adsorb heavy metal ions
even when it is immobilised in a PVA foam. Water purification has applications in many
fields, and thus cheap and highly effective adsorbents are highly sought after.

The PVA/Fly ash foam was fabricated by stirring a percentage weight of fly ash (0%,
70%, 80%) into a solution of PVA and CaCO3, and producing CO2 bubbles with a
stoichiometric amount of 2M hydrochloric acid. The fabricated foam was then set with a
freeze-thaw cycle and processed into 7.5g portions.

Each portion was used to adsorb different contaminants in an aqueous solution, and each
treated solution was analysed with suitable apparatus.

The foams showed a general trend of having moderately high adsorption capability.

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