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Group 1-13
Project Title Investigating the effects of the type of materials used in air filters
Synopsis Air pollution is a serious global issue today. Current commercially available air filters are only good for air particulates but do not filter hazardous gases like sulphur dioxide and nitrogen oxides which are harmful to human health. A team of researchers from the Washington State University had proven that soy-based protein air filters are effective in filtering hazardous gases and can potentially be used in face masks. The pure soy protein extract contains 18 types of amino groups which can capture passing hazardous gas pollutants at the molecular level. Our team believes that other beans, beside soya beans, may contain protein extracts that have similar hazardous gas filtering potential and experimented with two easily available and low cost beans– kidney beans and green beans, to investigate their protein extracts effectiveness in filtering hazardous gases as compared to soya beans.
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KEE JIA SHENG          3P1
LI SHI TAN          3S1