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Group 1-06
Project title Extraction and Investigation of the effectiveness of plant derived Surfactants
Synopsis There are currently many synthetic surfactants that are not environmentally-friendly in the market. Plant-derived surfactants are hence gaining more interest because of their properties such as low toxicity, biodegradable nature, renewable, etc. Hence, we decided to do a project regarding plant-derived surfactants, to carry out extraction methods to extract plant-derived surfactants from 3 plants, orange, linseed and sunflower, and test their effectiveness, as well as comparing their effectiveness to a common household surfactant, which is baking soda mixed with vinegar.
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Special instructions for evaluator to take note The contents for web report and our project is presented in our website. The website contains information about our project, our process and data collected. We hope you like our website!
Team Members

Group Leader

  • Gwee Kang Jie 2P311

Group members

  1. Sim Jing Heng 2P3 24
  2. Sherman Tay Zhi Heng 2P3 23
  3. Emmanuel Tan Shun En 2P310

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