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Group 1-05
Project Title Alternative synthesization of Zinc Oxide nano-particles and investigation for further uses
Synopsis Zinc oxide nanoparticles are of great scientific interest due to its many different properties, namely UV filtering and antibacterial. However, the conventional method for synthesizing zinc oxide nanoparticles are chemical and physical methods such as the sol-gel method are costly and require extensive labour and time. Thus, we are using an inexpensive, efficient alternative to synthesize zinc oxide nanoparticles by using plant extracts and bacterial supernatant and reacting them with zinc nitrate. We have chosen two plant extracts and bacterial supernatant each, such that we can study on the most effective synthesizing agent for zinc oxide nanoparticles.
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LIU JIAXIN ????????? 2O3
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CHUA YU CHEN ????????? 2O3
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