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Eddie's Reflection

Through this project, I learnt that we must be focused and not procrastinate. Aware of the lack of time last year, my group came together very quickly at the start of the year and carried out many project meetings to date. We must not think that we still have a lot of time and just stop working because you never know when you will be tied up with commitments. Approaching our primary schools earlier also managed to allow us to secure an assembly slot easily. Also, we have learnt more about teamwork. We have to make use of each others' strengths to cover up each others' weaknesses and together we can accomplish a lot more.

Mervin's Reflection

From this projects day competition, I learnt many things, and gained a lot from it. I learnt how to manage my time well, team work. More importantly, I was able to use critical thinking processes learnt previously, such as Future Problem Solving. It allowed me to identify the most major problem, and then start working on the solutions. Also, thinking tools, learnt this year, through Arts and Acts of Thinking, such as Paul's Wheel of Reasoning, Socrates Questioning etc, were also extremely helpful. I hope for the best for our project, and aim to get into the grand finals.

Jing Yuan's Reflection

Through this project, I have learned many important skills such as time management. I also learnt that we must always remain open minded and consider about other people's suggestion. I also learnt that sacrifices are inevitable if we want to achieve our goals. Group work is also very important as without every group member's contribution, we would not achieve our goal. Commitment and Discipline is also equally important in project work.

Mark's Reflection

This year's projects day was especially hard for me. Especially since the workload had significantly increased. Training was more regular and also the increase in council commitment. Since my other members were not committed in council, they were able to be more flexible with their time. It was especially hard for us to get a time to meet up, I only remembered meeting up once, since nearly all the days were filled with council and EP3. Truthfully speaking, I have been the least committed in this project but I'll try my best to commit as much as I can for the project.

Ethical use of materials

We have made sure to give credit to things that do not belong to us and always seek permission first before using or referencing to them.

Springboarding of ideas for future enhancement of product

In order to further improve on our project, we plan to go down to more primary schools to give presentations since many thinks that it is the most effective method in raising awareness. We also planned to obtain permission to paste our posters in primary schools as to spread our message even further. We are also planning to conduct an interview session with SBS officials.

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