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See you next year for the 25th Projects Competition 2009.
Posted: 13 Sep 2008

Click HERE to view the top 3 winners of the Projects Day Grand Finals.
Posted: 12 Sep 2008

The Projects Day Grand Finals is scheduled on 12 Sep Friday, from 2.00 pm, at the High School Auditorium. Normal curriculum lessons continue as usual in the morning. More details HERE.
Posted: 29 Aug 2008   8 Sep 2008  

Congrats to the 10 groups that made it to the Grand Finals.
Posted: 31 Aug 2008  

Congrats to the 3 winners of the Web Design Award.
Posted: 30 Aug 2008  

Be aware of the correct way to cite the source of your materials. Read up on Copyright matters.
Posted: 08 Feb 2008 

The briefing slide used during the assembly is available here.
Posted: 05 Feb 2008 

It is important for all students doing research to read up about
Research Ethics.
Posted: 04 Feb 2008 

If you have intention to use animals in your experiment, please read up on Animal Rights carefully.
Posted: 03 Feb 2008  

Grand Finalists for the selection round, details are available HERE.
Posted: 24 Aug 2008 

The following dates are the schedule for the various rounds of Projects Competition judging.
Grand Finals - 12 Sep 2008 (Fri)
Preliminary Judging - 01 Apr 2008 (Tue)
Semi-Finals Judging - 08 Jul 2008 (Tue)
Finals Judging - 15 Aug 2008 (Fri) 
Posted: 06 Jan 2008   23 Aug 2008  

Results of the Finals can be viewed HERE.
Posted: 22 Aug 2008   

Web-reports for Finals can be viewed HERE.
Posted: 22 Aug 2008  

Oral Presentation Judging for Finals is scheduled on 15 Aug (Fri), from 2.00 pm onwards. General details HERE. More specific details will be put up on the EMB by the various category coordinators. Please read instructions carefully.
Posted: 11 Aug 2008  

A formalized appeals procedure has been set up. More details HERE.
Posted: 10 Aug 2008  

It is time to upload the web-report. Find out also about WDA. Click HERE-01 and HERE-02 and HERE-03 to read more. Web-report judging begins from 7 Aug (Thu), after 5.00 pm.
Posted: 22 Jul 2008   01 Aug 2008   05 Aug 2008 

The results for Semi-Finals is available HERE.
Posted: 14 Jul 2008 

Semi-Finals judging is scheduled on 08 July (Tue) during curriculum hours. Click HERE to view the locations and admin instructions.
Posted: 01 Jul 2008 

From now till 02 Jul (Wed), website materials for the coming Semi-Finals judging are to be uploaded onto the projects server via FTP. More information has been made available on the EMB.
Posted: 24 Jun 2008 Completed

Click HERE to view the overall final projects results after the Preliminary judging exercise.
Posted: 14 May 2008 Completed

Now that you have cleared the Prelim Judging, please meet up and consult with your mentor frequently. Set up a working timetable to demarcate the amount of work to be done among the members in the group. At least 75% of work must be completed by Semi-Finals Judging.
Posted: 09 Mar 2008  Posted: 05 Apr 2008

If your project group has intention to work for the Web Design Award, kindly take note that your web-report will have to be authentic (i.e. not taken from any free template, nor free design, etc). For more information, refer to the RUBRICS.
Posted: 27 Feb 2008   Posted: 08 Apr 2008 

Click HERE to view the results for Prelim Round 1 judging (held on 01 Apr, Tue). Prelim Round 2 judging and for groups that have cleared Round 1 - more information HERE.
Posted: 04 Apr 2008 Completed

Preliminary judging will be held on 01 Apr 2008 (Tue) during curriculum time. Information has been made available on the EMB. Click HERE to view the venues for the judging.
Posted: 10 Mar 2008   Posted: 30 Mar 2008

The briefing materials for the Projects workshop held on the afternoon of 04 March 2008 (Tue) are available. Please click HERE to find out what's new for this year's requirements.
Posted: 08 Mar 2008 

When creating website for your web-reports, please use the English Operating System (OS). Inconveniences can be avoided when uploading files onto the Projects Server later.
Posted: 28 Feb 2008 

To avoid the issue of loafers (a.k.a. free-riders), group leaders should work closely with mentor. Each member should have his work clearly defined. Learn to work harmoniously with each other.
Posted: 09 Feb 2008 

The judging rubrics for each category have been updated. Please refer to 'categories' for more information. Take note also that 'reflection' rubrics has been included in the judging rubrics to help participants in the thinking process and in their learning journey. More information will also be provided during the project briefing cum workshop on 04 Mar.
Posted: 07 Feb 2008 

Projects Competition briefing will be carried out in Term 1, Week 4 during the respective level assemblies:
Sec 1 - 21 Jan (Mon)
Sec 2 - 22 Jan (Tue)
Sec 3 - 23 Jan (Wed)
Sec 4 - 24 Jan (Thu)
Posted: 08 Jan 2008  Completed

A project briefing cum workshop by the various category coordinators will be carried out on 04 Mar (Tue), time from 2.00 pm to 3.30 pm, after the Sabbaticals activities. Details are available on the EMB. Click HERE to view the locations used for the various category briefings.
Posted: 06 Feb 2008  Posted: 01 Mar 2008 

Projects registration has been opened since 11 Feb 2008 (Mon) from 10.00 am. Details are available on the EMB. Registration closes on 07 Mar (Fri) 2008, 5.00 pm.
Posted: 10 Feb 2008  Posted: 29 Feb 2008 






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